Patagonia trip notes

Why traveling to Patagonia?

Patagonia still remains one of the wildest and most unspoiled regions of the world. A combination of boundless yellow scrubland, breathtaking mountain ranges, among them the famous or infamous Cerro Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre, mountain giants such as San Lorenzo or the Paine Massif, countless glaciers rolling down from the Patagonian icecap, huge lakes in every imaginable hue of green and blue, a very special fauna and, last not least, immense, isolated sheep farms (estancias). The intense colours, the crystalline purity of the air, the vast distances, rugged nature and of course the Patagonian wind leave every visitor with the strong feeling of "I must return to this place"… and we, the actual inhabitants of the place, are fascinated every day anew.. We would like to introduce you to these manifold attractions and in doing so enable you to experience nature in a way that has become rare on our planet.



The climate is of a moderate type, the four seasons being clearly defined and with a great thermal range between winter and summer. Toward the south the almost constant West winds which produce a strong unloading of humidity in the mountain range, dominate and cause the eastern Patagonia to have an extremely arid climate. A very special phenomenon is the Northern and Southern Continental ice cap, from which a great amount of glaciers flows into the immense lakes of the Eastern foothills and toward the Chilean fjords in the West. This provides a unique attraction for tourists from all over the world.


Means of Payment:

It is convenient to change currency in Buenos Aires or Santiago, in order to get better value for the Dollar or the Euro. However, credit cards are also widely accepted, except in smaller and more isolated towns and villages. It is not advisable to carry travelers' checks as it is costly to use them.


Requirements to enter the country of Argentina:

Most countries are granted a 90 days permit to stay with no visa. Only a valid passport. Neighboring countries: passport not required. Only identity document. You are not allowed to enter : plants, vegetables, fruit and other perishables ( jams, fresh food etc..) If you bring a car or rent one you need an international drivers license.



In Argentina there is an efficient telecommunication infrastructure and international phone calls are at an acceptable price. Public telephones use coins or phone cards. I.D.D. can be found even in small towns. International phone calls from hotels are not recommended they tend to charge an extra fee. Most of the commercial centres have call centres known in Argentina as "locutorios" where you can obtain information, make call back calls and also buy prepaid phone cards. In Argentina and Chile there is a good Web system and Internet is well known. Some hotels offer these services. Cybercafés are found in most of cities and towns with an Internet connection via ADSL or phone.


Cultural aspects:

Tips: In Argentina there is no fixed rules for tips. Usually a 10% is accepted at bars and restaurants. Taxi drivers are not tipped unless you feel you want to round up the fee or the taxi driver has helped you with the luggage. For other services tips are not required.

When meeting:
Shaking hands is the norm although when people know each other they tend to kiss once on the cheek. In Argentina men also do so. When on visit it is always nice to bring a small gift.

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