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Ice cap mountaineering expedition Patagonia ArgentinaThe Patagonian Ice cap is the third biggest ice cap in the world after Antarctica and Greenland. It has a surface of 17.000 square km. Joining the North and South section, it has 400 km length and 80 km width. The highest summit is at the northern part, the San Valentin peak. At the ice cap start more than 300 glaciers which flow to the East, the Argentine side and to the West to the Pacific ocean and fjords, the Chilean side. Some of the glaciers, for example the Pio XI, descents directly to the fjords on the Pacific ocean. Several of the biggest glaciers which start flowing at the heart of the ice cap are: Viedma, Perito Moreno and Upsalla on the Argentine side; the Pio XI and Grey on the Chilean side.

Our mountaineering expeditions take place at the southern part of the Patagonian Ice cap entering through the Marconi Pass, at the Chile - Argentina border. The Marconi Pass is a high mountain pass opened several years ago. In our ice cap expeditions we mainly hike through the Viedma glacier going from Marconi to Del Viento pass.

Ice cap mountaineering expedition Patagonia ArgentinaThe mountaineering season in South Patagonia begins in November ending the beginning of March. The warmer months are January and February stretching to the beginning of March. You can expect cold weather, strong winds and flurries or occasional snowfalls at any time. We offer several mountaineering expeditions to the Patagonian ice cap, some with scheduled dates. No need to be an expert climber or mountaineer just some physical training and good lucky with the weather, which is an important issue in South Patagonia expeditions. The required minimum age to participate of our expeditions is 12 years Expect to carry a 15 to 18 kg load backpack with personal gear and group equipment and food (Personal porters may be hired at extra expense fee)
Please check our difficulty grading chart!

We have also shorter treks on glaciers or / and climbing / hiking trips for 3 days /2 nights!! Special offers, contact us for more information!!!

Ice cap mountaineering expedition Patagonia Argentina Paso Marconi - Paso del Viento Traverse

Duration: 10 days (scheduled dates only!)
Difficulty: Tough

This traverse will immerse us into the South Ice Cap. You don't have to be a climber nor a super sport guy to participate in this adventure. Great expedition surrounding Fitz Roy and Torre ranges, crossing through Marconi, Viedma and Tunel glaciers
itinerary, further details this ice cap traverse expedition, here

Cerro Gorra Blanca expedition Patagonia ArgentinaCerro Gorra Blanca 2920 mts

Duration: 6 days
Difficulty: Tough

Mountain located at the Ice Cap, easy access, close to Paso Marconi. This is not a very technical mountain to climb since it's location, however we'll give this ascension the commitment that a great Andean climb involves. The days at the Ice Cap we will have to melt snow to drink and build protections with snow blocks for the tents. .
itinerary, details Gorra Blanca mountaineering expedition, here



Mariano Moreno mountaineering expedition  Patagonia Argentina Cerro Mariano Moreno 3393mts

Duration: 14 days
Difficulty: Tough

This range is the first that appears when we enter the Ice Cap. It's beauty and magnitude will shock us. Our goal is the major summit, through Paso Marconi. Great view of the Ice Cap, Marconi, Torre and Fitz Roy ranges.
Itinerary, further details cerro Mariano Moreno expedition, here


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